Beer Wisdom & History

I have been an educator since 2001, teaching at colleges, accredited vocational schools, and private lessons. Education isn’t simply giving you information to memorize
that you will eventually forget. First-class education shows you so that you remember and exceptional education involves you so that you understand. As a teacher I provide motivation, focus and open the door to success, but it is you that has to walk through.

Do you want to know more about beer? Do you know the difference between stout & porter or ale and lager? Are you curious about Brettanomyces and what it has done to your beer?

I offer classes that are fun, inviting, and will give you all the knowings to feel confident the next time you're at a brewery or craft beer bar.

The Beer Maestro’s Beer League is a series of classes e.g. Ingredients: water, malt, hops, yeast, additives & adjuncts and individual classes e.g. Brettanomyces: Phenols & Esters that discuss these topics and more. Each class is integrated with appropriate materials, tastings, and excitement to further your beer journey.


Cicerone Certification Program
Sensory Analysis
How To Brew